About Me

What should I say about myself to complete strangers that stumble upon my blog by accident (because I can’t believe anyone would come here on purpose)? I am in the prime of my life, happily married and raising my son. I should be out enjoying life but instead have been saddled with multiple chronic illnesses – chronic migraines, bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia (just to name a few). I plan to use this blog to share my totally biased opinions on what it is like to have chronic illnesses, to face the public with this stigma, to manage the labyrinth of medical care and insurance hurdles to jump. This is not an easy life for anyone, especially when they get confused easily due to brain fog. This is not the life I chose for myself. In fact, I would never wish this life on anyone even my worst enemy (if I had a worst enemy). Only the strong can survive a life like this…

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